About the High Heel Gourmet Club

The High Heel Gourmet Club GmbH is a source of delicious slow foods prepared using local organics ingredients* and cooked fresh in the kitchen just like the way your grandmother would do, small batch, don’t use any pre-packages ingredients, no preservative, no-MSG, no commercially frozen products**.

We offer various options for you to enjoy our yummy foods.

  1. The High Heel Gourmet Lunch Club is a membership lunch subscription that will delivery freshly cooked foods from farm to table to your office every weekday or per-your request.

    We offered various choices range from traditional Swiss meal, international lunch, Asian favorites, authentic Thai foods, simple lunch such as sandwich, soup salad and vegetarian choices are available. Menu are changing every day base on the ingredients we’ve got from the local farmers.

    Please, visit the Gourmet Lunch Club page for more detail or contact sale@highheelgourmetclub.com for subscription.

  2. The High Heel Gourmet Cut & Cook is the pre-packaged ingredients with step-by-step instruction for you to cook in your kitchen at your own convenient time. Our HHG Cut & Cook is a modular model. You do not need to buy the whole package. If you only want a certain ingredients or just want to buy meat and vegetable in a smaller packages just enough for one, you can imply buy just what you need.

    Please, visit our the Gourmet Cut & Cook section for more detail of what’s currently available.

  3. The High Heel Gourmet Take Away is our delicious unique bake goods for breakfast and around the globe dinner take away items.

    Visit our Gourmet Take Away section to explore our creation of the day.

  4. The High Heel Gourmet Pantry can simplify your cooking especially with the exotic ingredients that is hard to find elsewhere. If you want to make Pad-Thai, we have a jar of Pad Thai sauce. You bake your bread, we have a jar of jam. You want to make a pot of curry, there we have curry paste for you. They made or mix on premise and the curry pastes are made fresh every week. You have to reserve yours before we even make them to ensure the freshness and reduce food waste.

    You can order most of our Gourmet Pantry product online. Please, visit our High Heel Gourmet Pantry online store.