Gourmet Lunch – Flexible Plan

  1. Sign up for the Flexible Plan. You will receive 10 credits every month. The membership will be automatically renewed monthly, regardless of the remaining credit on your account, until you cancel. If you have any remaining credits on your account, the credits will be issued as store credit at the end of the month to you. You can use them for take away dinner or breakfast items at the store (no delivery). You can cancel your membership 15 days prior to your renewal date.
  2. You will receive the tomorrow menu in your email everyday after 3pm.
    • If you don’t want to order lunch for the next day: do nothing.
    • If you want to order: Click on the email to access your account online, click on the menu item you would like to order. MAKE SURE that you save your option.
    You will receive another email to confirm your order.
  3. Each time you order, your credits will be deduct 1 credit per serving. You can order more than one serving, if you want. No fixed delivery schedule, just order when you need.
  4. If you placed an order the day before, your lunch will be delivered to your office the next day.
  5. Rinse and keep all packages together after you finish, return the packages to the delivery man when he drop off your next lunch.

We also plan to launch the mobile application for ordering in the near future.

Menu Options

Part of our goal is to prepare every meal fresh that day and will prepare everything from our kitchen including bread, wraps, pasta, noodles and sauces. We will not using pre-preparation bulked frozen foods. The majority of our fresh ingredients will be seasonal and locally sourced.

We also will introduce you to unique variety of dishes from all around the world Asians, Europeans, Middle East, North and Latin American, even some Africans dishes will be included. Our 4 staple choices are

  1. Indulgent
  2. Sensible
  3. Healthy
  4. Vegetarian

So you can enjoy exploring the new cuisine that you might enjoy. Also we understand that after working at the same company for quite sometime and don’t get bored eating the same things over and over. But we also know that some days you just want a traditional meal, so we mix it up. We don’t want you to have to change too fast! But we think you’re going to discover a whole new variety of dishes that you will look forward to being delivered every week.

Each of our meals is carefully designed with not only nutritional balanced but also similar calorie content calculated.

Please keep in mind that when you order one of the more costly protein choices such as veal, beef, lamb or shrimp, even though the quantity of the protein itself might be less in weight by grams than the lesser cost protein choices such as chicken or pork, but we will calculate the total calorie and will compensate with the larger side dishes. This way you still get a fully satisfying meal all the same.

You can tell us of any minor food allergies you might have. Unfortunately if you have a fatal allergies or any allergies that considered serious especially with nuts our kitchen cannot accommodate your need at this time.

We only offer vegetarian option at the moment. and also if you are vegan, vegetarian or require a gluten-free choice. Vegan and gluten free option might be available in the near future, please give us your email so we can do the head count and send you and update when it’s readily available.