Meet Miranti Our Founder

“...As healthy as I want to eat, I never really sacrifice the taste of the food I consume. I won’t make people eat rabbit food for lunch just to maintain the weight. We can have our cake and eat it too...”

That’s our founder’s philosophy. Her dream is to serve the Michelin level food but one dish at a time since multiple courses are too much food and too many ingredients for the body to digest all at once.

Miranti is an entrepreneur as much as she is a globe trotter foodie, an experienced cook, a top notch recipe developer and a confectioneries obsessor. She’s clearly passionate about eating delicious food and cooking them.

She found that the more our food processes industrially, the less flavorful they are AND the more health threatening they become with all the additives added to either prolong the shelf live or generate more profit margin. Regular consumption of the industrialized food, range from the pre-made frozen, pre-packaged food to fast food from the chain restaurant, can cause major health decline, food sensitivities, allergies or chronic illness.

She found the later effect the hard way by developed various food sensitivities and allergies herself. Home cooked meal is a way to ease the symptoms. Even though home cooked breakfast or dinner were not a problem but home cooked lunch could be challenging in the fast pace, high traffic environment such as Los Angeles.

To rely on the health foods options also carried the unbearable factors, the taste of the foods, the availability and the variety both in menu offering and the ethnicity of the cuisines. She had to pack her own lunch in order to maintain her health and satisfy her foodie preferences. However, her lunch still had to be prepared the evening before.

The idea of the High Heel Gourmet Club came out of her need to create a place that serve food as similar to the home cooked meal, prepare fresh that same day, use natural ingredients with the least contamination possible, offer variety of cuisine and no humdrum menu choices yet as delicious as the gourmet restaurant food. Plus the meal should be delivered right to the office so there is no need to travel to get good the food.

It’s seems to be too much to ask but it is actually not. With her knowledge in recipe developing, creativity and passion in creating healthy delicious food the High Heel Gourmet Club has been born here in Zurich, Switzerland.