Our Philosophy & Commitments

Our Philosophy

  • You are the best doctor.
  • Kitchen is the best hospital.
  • Quality food is the best medicine.
  • Maintain your health is the best preventative and cure.

We love and enjoy foods yet would like to stay healthy so we can enjoy more foods. Our lunches are not only delicious but also healthy.

We believe that healthy foods do not necessary have to taste bad or great tasting food doesn’t have to be bad for your health. So, we design our menu base on that. We do not use previously prepared frozen foods, not even as ingredients. We don’t add chemical additive in our food. And we calculate the nutritional balance of the meal for you.

Our subscription system is developed in order to minimize the food waste which is the biggest problem in the restaurant business. The pre-ordered meals through the subscription service allows us to buy the food ingredients just enough for serving on that day with zero waste. The result is we can use the best ingredients to cook delicious meals yet they are still affordable to our members.

We respect that every one will like their comfort foods and once in a while, want to be adventurous. We are eating many times in a week. We have enough opportunity to eat both. So we design our menu to cover all the bases. Our menu is designed by an experienced international recipe developer and nutritionist then cook by chefs who’s well rounded in all cuisines. You can travel the world through many cuisines by becoming our members.

Our Commitments

  • We use only fresh ingredients, brought in from local farms and suppliers.
  • We don’t put any chemical additives in our foods. NO MSG!
  • We prepare your meals from scratch in our kitchen fresh daily.
  • We design your lunch so you will have the balance nutrients.
  • We deliver lunch to our member’s offices.

You no longer need to spend more than half of your lunch hour waiting for your food then have to eat it in a hurry. We commit to delivery your lunch at your office right around your lunch time. All you have to do is to plan where are you going to enjoy it.

Our ultimate goal is your optimum health without sacrificing your enjoyment with food taste is the High Heel Gourmet Club philosophy and commitment.

Contribution to the community

We are not living alone in this world so The High Heel Gourmet Club is not only commit to delivery tasty and healthy food that come from the local sources as much as possible, we like to participate in building a better and healthier community that surrounded us. We offer our location to be a display place to the local artists and musicians. Artists can contact us to arrange displaying their arts or having an art show of their own on every first Saturday of each month at our place. If the arts don’t sell, they just have to take their arts back and pay nothing. If their art sell, we would like the artist to donate a small percentage from the sales to the art community in town. No gallery fee. Musician also the same way as long as you do not disturb the other tenants in the building and clean up after your performance, you are welcome as well.

We also plan to hire part time mothers who still taking care of their young kids too. We will post the detail as soon as we have everything set up.