Special Event Reservation


Gluten-Free Night - Thursday 26th December
Gluten-Free Night - Friday 27th December
Gluten-Free Night - Saturday 28th December

Gluten-Free Night Dinner Menu - Saturday December 26th - December 28th
CHF75 per Person

Avocado Roll
avocado and sun-dried tomato rolled in a rice sheet, deep fried and dip with cashew nuts, honey coriander dipping

Gluten-Free Fish (or Chicken) Taco
grilled white fish (or chicken) served in the crispy cheese taco shells with cabbage, pico del gallo, chipotle sauce

Shrimp (or Chicken) Bistro with Rice Pasta
shrimp (or chicken) with garlic, turmeric, bell pepper, lemon, parsley and coconut milk

Beef Soup with East Meets West Herbs and Spices
tendered beef stew with lemongrass, tamarind, tomato and served with crispy sticky rice balls

Gluten-Free Dessert (TBD)